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Burn Treatment


Non-Emergency Burn Treatment From an Urgent Care in Houston, TX

Lifeline Urgent Care is trusted by families throughout Houston, Texas, for walk-in medical treatment. Our board-certified physicians care for patients of all ages and treat many types of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries, including mild burns. Whether a hot stove, boiling water, or campfire is to blame for your injury, you can find the timely and professional burn treatment you need at our top-rated urgent care center. We’re open every day during extended hours and don’t require appointments, although patients who prefer to plan ahead can schedule an appointment on our website.

When to Go to an Urgent Care for Burn Treatment

Burn treatment from a medical professional isn’t always necessary. For example, first degree burns can usually be remedied at home by running cool (not cold) water over the affected area or using a wet, cool compress to ease pain.

Second-degree burns, however, are best treated in an urgent care setting by a medical professional who can properly clean and bandage the wound, ease discomfort, and prevent infection. Be sure to promptly visit a reputable immediate care center like Lifeline Urgent Care for treatment if a burn is:

  • Markedly red

  • Blistering

  • Swelling

  • Peeling

  • Causing significant pain

When to Go to the ER for Burn Treatment   

Third- and fourth-degree burns require treatment in an emergency room. Call 911 or head to your nearest ER if a burn:  

  • Looks bad but causes little to no pain

  • Appears white, yellowish, charred, blackened, or leathery

  • Covers a large portion of the body

  • Occurs on the face

Find Relief Today  

For non-life-threatening burn treatment in Houston, visit Lifeline Urgent Care today. We accept most health insurance plans and offer a money-saving membership plan for self-pay patients.


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