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Cold & Flu Care


Cold & Flu Care From Doctors in Houston, TX


Tired of battling a stubborn cold? Has the flu permanently relegated you to your couch? If you want to find relief from these common (yet miserable) illnesses, expert cold and flu care is available at Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas. Our fully equipped walk-in clinic is open every day during extended hours and serves adults and children ages 6 months and older. Stop by today, or connect with us virtually through our convenient telemedicine services.

When to Seek Cold or Flu Care From a Medical Professional

The flu (seasonal influenza) and common cold are both viral infections that can often be managed at home by drinking plenty of water, getting extra rest, and taking over-the-counter medicine to ease symptoms. However, it’s a good idea to seek professional medical care for the flu or a cold if:

  • Your symptoms are new (when given within 48 hours of symptom onset, antiviral flu medications can sometimes reduce the severity and duration of the illness) 

  • Your symptoms become intense or keep you awake at night

  • You have a fever higher than 101.3 degrees Fahrenheit for longer than three days 

  • Your symptoms return after going away 

  • Your symptoms don’t start improving after a few days

  • Your symptoms include wheezing

The flu can sometimes be severe or cause serious complications. Be sure to seek emergency care for the flu if you or someone around you experiences:

  • Chest pain

  • Trouble breathing or shortness of breath

  • Intense muscle pain

  • Dizziness

  • Seizures

Your Neighborhood Urgent Care Provider

In non-life-threatening scenarios, Lifeline Urgent Care is an excellent place to turn for walk-in medical treatment. Visit us in Houston today for cold or flu care, or connect with us online!


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