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Walk-In UTI Treatment


Receive Walk-In UTI Treatment in Houston, TX

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are notoriously painful, but finding fast relief shouldn’t have to be! That’s why Lifeline Urgent Care offers easy, walk-in treatment for UTIs and other non-life-threatening health concerns at our modern immediate care clinic in Houston, Texas. Led by board-certified physicians and equipped with a clinical lab, our practice can be your first choice for timely medical care when unexpected illnesses and injuries strike.

When to Seek UTI Treatment

If you’re experiencing symptoms of a UTI, seeking walk-in treatment is always a good idea. If left unaddressed, a UTI can spread to the bladder or kidneys and may even cause permanent kidney damage. The most commons signs and symptoms of a UTI include:

  • A frequent urge to urinate, even when the bladder is empty  

  • A burning sensation during urination

  • Urine that appears unusually dark or cloudy, or has a red, brown, or pinkish hue 

  • Strong-smelling urine

  • Pelvic pain (in women)

An infection that has spread from the urethra to the bladder may cause:

  • Lower abdominal pain

  • Pain during urination

  • Blood in urine  

  • Pressure in the pelvic area

Find Relief Today

Don’t suffer through painful symptoms when Lifeline Urgent Care offers professional UTI treatment on a walk-in basis. Visit us in Houston today! Simply drop by our urgent care center when you need us, or schedule an appointment online if you prefer to plan ahead. Our highly rated practice accepts most health insurance plans and offers a money-saving membership plan to self-pay patients.


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