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Ankle Sprain Treatment in Houston

Walk-In Ankle Sprain Treatment for Adults & Children in Houston, TX

Ankle sprains are among the most common injuries that people experience. One moment you’re walking down the sidewalk, and the’ve stumbled over uneven pavement and twisted your ankle. Although this injury isn’t life threatening, the pain you may be experiencing warrants prompt medical attention. That’s where Lifeline Urgent Care can help. Our highly rated urgent care center in Houston, Texas, provides affordable ankle sprain treatment every day on a walk-in basis. As our patient, you’ll be seen by a board-certified doctor who will provide the expert care you need and deserve. We can even perform X-ray imaging onsite along with minor procedures to ensure you’re back on your feet as quickly as possible. 

What does ankle sprain treatment involve?

If you suspect that you may have sprained your ankle, the first step is to implement the R.I.C.E. protocol. This entails:

  • Rest – Stay off your feet and avoid all strenuous activities. 

  • Ice – Place an ice pack on your ankle for 15-20 minutes and repeat every few hours to help stop swelling. 

  • Compression – Starting from the foot and working up, gently wrap your ankle area with an elastic bandage to further reduce swelling.

  • Elevation – Use a pillow or two to elevate your ankle above your heart during rest and sleep.

As your ankle heals, listen to your body. Avoid any activities that cause pain and be sure to take it slow in the days following your injury. If you continue to feel pain – or if you experience severe pain, intense swelling, or visible deformity immediately after the injury – be sure to visit Lifeline Urgent Care for professional ankle sprain treatment. Our center in Houston has extended hours every day and is in-network with most major health insurance plans. Stop by today!  

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