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Wound Care from Board-Certified Physicians in Houston, TX

The board-certified physicians at Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas, provide affordable walk-in treatment to adults and children with a wide array of non-life-threatening health concerns, including cuts, lacerations, abscesses, and many other common wounds. When you visit us for wound care, you can be assured that you’ll receive individualized attention and expert treatment from professionals who put patients first. Visit our urgent care center when you need us most – we have extended hours every day, never require appointments, and keep wait times brief.

What does wound treatment involve?

Your ideal course of wound care will all depend on the injury at hand. Generally speaking, though, it’s best to follow these guidelines if you or someone around you has sustained a wound.

  1. Make sure the affected area is clean. If possible, rinse and remove debris around the wounded area and sterilize it with a disinfecting product such as Neosporin or a small amount of rubbing alcohol.

  2. Cover the wound to help prevent infection. A bandage or gauze wrap may be used depending on the size of the wound.

  3. Keep the wound dry and clean for at least five days.

It is vital to promptly seek professional wound care if your injury begins to show signs of infection, which may include expanding redness, pus or drainage, red streaking around the wound, worsening swelling or tenderness, or fever. It’s also important to head to a medical clinic right away if your wound is accompanied by heavy bleeding or if it appears to require stitches or suturing. In the event that a wound involves uncontrollable bleeding, exposed bone, or loss of consciousness, call 911 immediately.

Lifeline Urgent Care is equipped to provide a high level of wound care to patients with non-life-threatening injuries. Under one roof, we can take X-rays, perform clinical lab testing, administer tetanus shots, provide stitches and suturing, and properly clean and bandage many types of wounds.

Contact Lifeline Urgent Care today to learn more about our approach to wound care. Or, visit our fully equipped center in Houston the next time you need us. We offer affordable rates and accept most major insurance plans.  

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