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Urgent Care with X-Ray

An Urgent Care Clinic With an X-Ray Machine in Houston, TX

If you need prompt care for an injury, it’s best to visit an urgent care clinic with an X-ray machine. If you go to a clinic without one, you’ll probably be sent to a separate diagnostic center to receive an X-ray, which delays the treatment process and eats up more of your valuable time. For an urgent care clinic with onsite X-ray services in Houston, Texas, choose Lifeline Urgent Care. Our practice is led by board-certified physicians who collaborate with X-ray technicians and other skilled professionals to provide efficient and comprehensive treatment to our patients seven days a week.

Do I need an X-Ray?

Many patients with aches and pains don’t require X-ray imaging. Still, it’s a valuable tool that can provide clarity to physicians who care for patients with vague symptoms. If you feel sudden joint pain, have fallen from a bike or another object, or have experienced another type of trauma, it’s possible that you’ll need to receive an X-ray.

X-rays aren’t only used to diagnose broken bones and common injuries, though. They can also help confirm other problems, including pneumonia and digestive problems.


Whatever brings you to Lifeline Urgent Care, you can be assured that you’ll be seen quickly (no hours-long wait times!) and will enjoy personalized service from the moment you enter our doors. We treat all types of common conditions, from broken bones and burns to chest colds and sinus infections, and provide precise digital X-ray imaging when necessary.

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Contact Lifeline Urgent Care to learn about our X-ray services, or just stop by if you need us. We cater to adults and children in Houston and accept most health insurance plans.

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