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Stomach Flu Treatment from Urgent Care Physicians in Houston, TX

If a miserable case of the stomach flu has left you searching for treatment, turn to the board-certified physicians at Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas. Our modern and sleek centers provide expert care to children and adults with the stomach flu – also called gastroenteritis – seven days a week without the need for  appointments. Plus, we keep our rates affordable and even offer a membership plan to self-pay patients, because we believe everyone should have access to top-notch immediate medical care.


What is the stomach flu?


The stomach flu is a viral infection in the intestines that can cause unpleasant symptoms, including  abdominal pain, diarrhea, and vomiting. Symptoms typically last one or two days, but they may sometimes linger for a week or so. The most common causes of the stomach flu include consuming contaminated food or water and sharing utensils or food with an infected individual. 


When to see a doctor for stomach flu treatment


Like most other viral infections, the stomach flu can’t be cured. Many people with the stomach flu feel better in a few days without treatment from a doctor. Still, this isn’t the case for everyone. Be sure to visit Lifeline Urgent Care for stomach flu treatment if you:  


  • Have not been able to keep any liquids down for 24 hours

  • Vomit up blood

  • Have been vomiting for more than two days

  • Have a fever higher than 104 degrees (102 degrees for children)

  • Notice blood in your stool

  • Are dehydrated (symptoms may include dry mouth, dark yellow urine, severe fatigue, dizziness, and unrelenting thirst)  


Visit Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston for the prompt stomach flu treatment you or your child needs. We keep wait times brief and offer a convenient online check-in system to expedite your visit with us.  




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