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Pre-Op Physical


Pre-Op Physicals for Cosmetic Surgery at Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, TX

A commitment to ensuring the highest standards of patient safety is a fundamental cornerstone of Lifeline Urgent Care Center in Houston. Recognizing that cosmetic surgery is not just about aesthetics, but also about the overall health and well-being of the patient, Lifeline places a crucial emphasis on pre-
operative physicals.

Before proceeding with any form of cosmetic surgery, it is of utmost importance to ascertain the patient's health status. Lifeline Urgent Care Center's pre-op physicals are designed to mitigate surgical risks by comprehensively assessing your current health conditions. A team of experienced medical
professionals carry out these evaluations, considering your medical history, current medications, allergies, and any pre-existing conditions.

The assessments include a variety of necessary tests such as blood work, EKGs, and lung function tests. Lifeline believes in informed decisions; thus, the results are thoroughly discussed with patients, ensuring they understand the potential risks and benefits.


The care and diligence offered by Lifeline Urgent Care Center not only minimizes the risks associated with cosmetic surgery but also ensures an optimal outcome. Trust your pre-op physical to the experienced hands at Lifeline Urgent Care Center, where patient safety always takes precedence.

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