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Joint Pain Treatment in Houston

Walk-In Joint Pain Treatment in Houston, TX

If joint pain has left you seeking treatment, you’re far from alone. Joint pain is a common health complaint among patients of various ages, from young adults to seniors. Thankfully, Lifeline Urgent Care is here to help. Our board-certified family medicine and internal medicine physicians provide walk-in joint pain treatment at our modern and sleek immediate care center in Houston, Texas. We have extended hours every single day and never require appointments, so we’ll be here for you when you need us.

Why do I have joint pain?

Joint pain may develop for many reasons. Sometimes, simple habits like poor posture, prolonged standing or sitting, or a bad pillow can leave you feeling achy or sore. In other cases, an underlying medical condition like arthritis, a soft tissue injury, tendinitis, or a hairline fracture can cause joint pain. High-impact exercises like running and weight lifting may also be to blame.

How can I find relief?

Effective joint pain treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. At Lifeline Urgent Care, our immediate care center is equipped with a digital X-ray machine and clinical lab to provide prompt and accurate diagnostics onsite. From there, our professionals will create a personalized treatment plan and provide follow-up care to ensure you can get back on the move as quickly as possible. We may suggest lifestyle modifications, self-care measures, or medication, or provide splinting, if necessary.


Contact Lifeline Urgent Care today to learn more about our approach to joint pain treatment, or simply visit us the next time you need medical attention. We offer affordable rates and accept most major health insurance plans.  

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