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Hemoccult Testing

Receive a Hemoccult Test at Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, TX

Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston, Texas, is equipped with a clinical lab, allowing our experienced practitioners to swiftly provide many diagnostic services onsite. One such service is a hemoccult test. Also known as an occult test, this test is performed to check for hidden blood in the stool, a potential sign of colon polyps, colon cancer, or anemia. Oftentimes, blood occurs in such miniscule amounts that a lab test is required for detection. A hemoccult test is simple – the patient provides a small stool sample which is evaluated in our lab to screen for traces of blood. 

Diagnostics at Lifeline Urgent Care

We know you’re busy. When you’re not feeling well, you need answers to your health questions – fast. That’s why Lifeline Urgent Care provides clinical lab services and digital X-ray imaging services every day without an appointment. In addition to a hemoccult test, our patients also have access to professional and convenient pregnancy testing, STD testing, mono testing, strep testing, and much more. From there, our board-certified physicians will formulate a treatment plan to ensure you can feel your best as quickly as possible.

Do you have questions about our hemoccult test services? Contact Lifeline Urgent Care today. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Our modern center in Houston caters to adults and children and accepts most major health insurance plans. If you are uninsured or have high insurance premiums, be sure to ask us about our money-saving membership plan.

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