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Flu Care


Flu Care & Testing From Doctors in Houston, TX

Suffering through days of the flu is undoubtedly miserable, but Lifeline Urgent Care is here to help. Our fully equipped urgent care center in Houston, Texas, is led by board-certified doctors who provide flu care to patients with non-life-threatening symptoms.

Treating the Flu

You may be thinking, “Doesn’t the flu just have to run its course?” It’s true—influenza is a viral infection that cannot be “cured” by medicine. Still, there are several steps that can be taken to help shorten the duration of the illness, reduce symptoms, and help your body fight off the infection.

Flu vs. COVID-19 

The flu and COVID-19 share many of the same symptoms, such as fever, headache, fatigue, cough, and shortness of breath. Because of this, Lifeline Urgent Care encourages patients with potential flu symptoms to contact us for telemedicine services. Through our convenient virtual visits, patients can discuss their symptoms and receive a treatment plan over the phone or computer. We may also suggest you visit our clinic for drive-through COVID-19 or flu testing to rule out coronavirus and determine the exact cause of your symptoms. 

It’s important to note that emergency care for the flu—or COVID-19—is sometimes necessary. In the event that you or someone around you displays the following symptoms of potentially life-threatening complications, call 911 immediately:

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Bluish color skin

  • Symptoms that improve but come back worse

  • High fever with a rash  

We’re Ready to Help

Contact Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston today if you have any questions about our approach to flu care during this unique time. We accept most health insurance plans and offer affordable rates to self-pay patients.



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