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EKG Test

Urgent Care Centers with EKG Test Capabilities in the Houston, TX, Area

An EKG test, or an electrocardiogram, is a routine test that checks for potential heart problems by measuring the heart’s electrical activity. This test can benefit many patients, from adolescent athletes receiving sports physicals to adults with risk factors for heart disease. Lifeline Urgent Care – the Houston, Texas, area’s premier immediate care provider – offers EKG tests at our modern and comfortable centers in Houston, Texas.


What Does an EKG Test Involve?


An EKG test is painless and non-invasive. Here’s how it works:  

  • The patient lies on an exam table or bed. About ten electrodes, or small, sticky patches, are strategically placed on the patient’s chest to record the heart’s electrical activity.

  • The patient remains still for about 10 minutes as the electrodes record the impulses that stimulate heartbeats, which are displayed as waves on paper or a computer monitor.

  • Following the EKG test, a physician will review the recorded waves to determine if the impulses are traveling through the heart normally.


Abnormal EKG test results may indicate a heart condition, such as irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias), poor blood or oxygen supply to the heart, or a structural heart abnormality. In other cases, unusual results may simply be a false alarm. Further testing may then be performed to confirm if a heart condition is present.


At Lifeline Urgent Care, we may use an EKG test to help pinpoint the cause of chest pain and other concerning symptoms, gauge the thickness of the heart’s walls, check the effectiveness of certain medications, and help assess overall cardiovascular health. An EKG test can also be used to help screen for heart abnormalities in young athletes before noticeable symptoms develop. 


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If you have questions about Lifeline Urgent Care’s EKG test services, contact our friendly team today. Our Houston area centers are open every day and do not require appointments, so you can find the care you need when it suits your busy schedule.  

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