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Minor Burn Treatment from Physicians in Houston, TX

Lifeline Urgent Care provides minor burn treatment to adults and children in Houston, Texas. Led by board-certified physicians, our modern and fully equipped immediate care center is a significantly more affordable and convenient alternative to a bustling hospital emergency room in non-life-threatening scenarios. Plus, we know that accidents don’t adhere to regular business hours – that’s why we have extended hours every single day and never require appointments.

When to seek medical care for a burn

Some burns simply require time to heal, but others necessitate the skill of a medical professional to properly treat and protect against infection. Be sure to visit Lifeline Urgent Care for treatment if your burn:

  • Does not heal in about two weeks

  • Displays signs of infection, including expanding redness, discharge from the wound, swelling, or increased pain

  • Is accompanied by new, unexplained symptoms

Some burns do require a trip to the emergency room. Go to the ER or call 911 immediately if you or someone around you has a burn that:

  • Is caused by electricity or chemicals

  • Is deep, affecting all layers of the skin

  • Covers a significant portion of the body

  • Is located around the eyes

  • Appears charred or leathery  

Lifeline Urgent Care is equipped to provide comprehensive treatment for your minor burn, including effectively cleaning and dressing the wound, taking steps to prevent infection, prescribing pain medication if necessary, and providing expert advice on how to promote healing going forward.  

Visit Lifeline Urgent Care in Houston the next time you or your child needs treatment for a minor burn. We offer affordable rates and are in network with most major health insurance providers.  

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